Let ҹլ’s team of engineering experts perform your Store Survey

Objective Design Review

An effective and efficient refrigeration or HVAC system starts with the right design. With 300 years of combined engineering experience designing mission-critical refrigeration & HVAC systems with equipment from all the major manufacturers, our engineering team is expert at reviewing designs.

Let our engineering team put their vast experience to work for you to objectively review your system design to ensure that the work performed by your selected design engineers is as robust, effective and energy efficient as possible. By hiring our experts to review your design, you get the peace of mind knowing that experts who were not involved in the initial design and who are not biased towards any brand of refrigeration or EMS equipment are reviewing your design for effectiveness and efficiency.

You are investing a lot of money in your new or remodeled refrigeration or HVAC system, and it is critical to your business. Doesn’t it make sense to have our engineering experts provide an objective review?

Store | Pre-Remodel

Your remodeled store or refrigeration system is too big of an investment to leave anything to chance. You need to know your true starting point before you can properly plan, design and estimate the true cost of your remodel. Often times with years of changes, re-sets, equipment replacements, etc, it is almost impossible to have an accurate and complete picture of what needs to be changed out as part of your upcoming remodel.

Let our technical experts provide a pre-remodel store survey so that you know exactly what you have, and what needs to be replaced prior to designing your remodel project.

With a ҹլ Store Survey you get:

A complete list of current refrigeration equipment

A “working condition” assessment on all current equipment and major components

Recommendations on equipment or component change-outs or upgrades during the remodel to ensure maximum system performance and energy efficiency after the remodel

Peace of mind knowing that the “starting point” for your remodel design is current, accurate and complete

Let ҹլ’s team of engineering experts perform your Store Survey to start your remodel project out right!

Store | Post-Install

Installing new refrigeration or HVAC systems or executing major remodels are significant investments. At ҹլ, we highly recommend to our customers that they have all new systems “commissioned” to ensure that:

1) They were properly installed per the customer’s engineering drawing.

2) They are operating effectively and efficiently from the start.

We think the cost of commissioning is a small price to pay as an insurance policy and for peace of mind.

Executed by our dedicated team of Energy Optimization specialists, our commissioning process is third party validation that a new or remodeled system is installed properly and operating efficiently.

The deliverables of our program are:

A detailed commissioning report with findings

A recommended “punch-list” of discrepancies and “fixes”

Custom Surveys

ҹլ also provides surveys and inspections for a variety of situations including, pre-door retrofit, pre-refrigerant conversion, pre-major equipment change-out or upgrade, to name a few. Let us know your specific need and trust the ҹլ experts to execute your survey and provide the unbiased, accurate information you need to start your project and your investment out right!